The Babysitter Full Movie Download HD 720 Torrent

The Babysitter Full Movie Download HD 720 Torrent

Movie Info

Full Name: The Babysitter 2017
Size: 744 MB
Quality: 720p BluRay
Genres:   Comedy, Horror
Release Date:  13 October 2017
Language: English

Cast:   Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving, Robbie Amell 

Twelve-year-old Cole Johnson is cowed by his neighbor Jeremy, however his keeper Bee stands up for him and scares Jeremy off. the subsequent day, once his oldsters depart for associate degree nightlong occupy a building, Bee and Cole pay quality time along till he needs to attend bed. Cole is inspired by a text from his neighbor and succor Melanie to travel see what Bee gets up to once he goes to sleep. To his surprise, he sees what seems like Bee and a number of other of her highschool friends.

Story Line:

Soap, John, Allison, Sonya, and Samuel. they’re taking part in a game of truth or dare formatted as a game of spin the bottle. However, as Bee kisses prophet, she pulls 2 daggers from behind her back and stabs him within the os. The others collect Samuel’s blood, revealing themselves to be members of a hellish cult. Cole hurries to his area wherever he calls 911, puts on his shoes, and finds a pocket knife. He pretends to be asleep as Bee and therefore the cult members enter his area to draw a blood sample. once they leave, he tries to flee out the window however Bee stays within the area, and Cole passes out from the exhaustion.

Bee and her cult question Cole, whereas warding off his queries by spoken language it absolutely was a science project. once the cops arrive, soap kills one with a poker, however the cop accidentally shoots Allison, whereas Bee and soap kill the opposite cop. Bee forces Cole to convey them the police code to decision off the opposite cops. whereas Allison complains concerning being shot, Cole rushes up the stairs; John pursues him, however is pushed over the bannister, landing on a trophy that impales his neck.

Cole escapes out his sleeping room window and hides within the basement. though Sonya finds him, he traps her within the basement so ignites a pyrotechnic rocket and bug spray to blow her up. once showing appreciation for Cole’s ingenuity, soap chases Cole up the previous tree house; he’s killed once he falls and is decorated by the rope swing. Cole escapes to Melanie’s house, and, once petting her, tells Melanie to decision the cops.

The Babysitter Full Movie Download HD 720 Torrent

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