The Con Artists Full Movie Download 2014 HD 720P Torrent

The Con Artists Full Movie Download 2014 HD 720P TorrentMovie Info:

Full Name: The Con Artists 2014
Size: 906 MB
Quality: HDTS
Genres:Action, Comedy, Crime 
Release Date: 9 January 2015
Cast: Woo-bin Kim, Yeong-cheol Kim, Chang-Seok Ko

The con artists (hangul: 기술자들; rr: gisuljadeul; lit. “the technicians”) is a 2014 south korean heist movie directed through kim hong-solar, and starring kim woo-bin, lee hyun-woo, and ko chang-seok.ji-hyuk is a secure-cracker who lives the excessive life by stealing antiques and jewellery. he groups up with genius hacker jong-bae, planner goo-in and other fellow “technicians” to steal ₩150 billion (us$150 million) .


Hidden in the incheon customs, and they have to do it inside 40 mins.if one have been to mention that thereAre one too many heist films, rarely every body would disagree. however “one too many” is hardly ever a deterrent and, rightly so, it shouldn’t be. the “how” of a chunk can carry the maximum frequent, trope-ridden, cookie-cutout film, e book, play or what have you ever.the technicians, even though conceited of the tropes of the genre, is not one such movie.although this have been the first actual of such movies you’ve encountered, it would hardly take your breath away. it may leave you in confusion at the unsatisfactory feelingPlaying to your thoughts however other than that, it serves nothing more. translation: if you watch it, it is all proper; in case you do not, it’s all right.

Admittedly, the film packs twists and turns but not enough to fully distract the audience from the dastardly floor and unequal improvement of its characters. 3/four manner, the writer appeared to have remembered to ultimately make recognized to the target audience some glimmer of motivation for the lead ji-hyuk. earlier than this, we are predicted to be invested in a personCompletely for his debonair methods and unfaltering bravery.the sacrifice of individual improvement, interaction and target market funding for the sake of a weaving plot leaves the technicians desperately wanting for some intensity.this isn’t always to mention that the piece lacks its moments –there are many nicely-finished and fantastically shot sequences that can have resonated greater had i been remotely invested within the destiny of these characters.

The Con Artists Full Movie Download 2014 HD 720P Torrent

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