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Full Name: The Fool  2014
Size: 906 MB
Quality: HDTS
Genres:  Drama |
Release Date:  16 September 2015
Language: Russian
Cast: Artyom BystrovNatalya SurkovaYuriy Tsurilo

The Fool (Russian: Дурак, translit. Durak) could be a 2014 Russian drama film written and directed by Yuri Bykov. It had its international premiere at the 2014 Locarno International fete, wherever it won the prize for the most effective actor.A Russian artificer, Dima Nikitin, is additionally a municipal repair-crew chief ANd finding out building engineering in an nameless Russian city that’s not nevertheless forty years previous.


A number of the city’s housing blocks square measure already in a very grave state of unsoundness. A burst toilet pipe in one amongst the wobbly communal housing buildings reveals a far larger drawback, because the exterior wall behind the pipe has cracked and commenced to shift. once Nikitin goes outside to examine the matter, he realizes the building has fissured from the bottom up to the ninth and last floor.Though it’s not formally a part of his district, Nikitin’s sense of non-public responsibility leads him to travel within the middle of the night to search out and alert the authorities of his belief that the building can collapse in but twenty four hours. Nikitin races to the fiftieth celebration of Semitic deity Galaganova, the town’s masterful civil authority, to persuade her to evacuate the building.

He bypasses his direct boss Fedotov, the corrupt inspector of housing project, United Nations agency applied solely a coat of paint the last time he received funds for a serious overhaul of his projects; he had purloined the cash to use on increasing his daughter’s personal residence. Galaganova conducts AN extended, behind-closed-doors meeting with Nikitin, Fedotov and heads of many different departments, as well as the hearth brigade chief, Matugin. the extraordinary gathering takes place in a very space next to the edifice edifice wherever Nina’s celebration is fully swing, with loud music filtering into the meeting space.

The Fool Full Movie Download 2014 HD 720P Torrent

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