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Police Constable Nicholas Angel, a high-achieving member of the Metropolitan Police Service, is promoted to Sergeant. He is then transferred to the village of Sandford, Gloucestershire, for making his colleagues look bad by comparison.

The village is generally a model of peace, a serial winner of “Village of the Year” awards and devoid of any crime, with its local Neighbourhood Watch Alliance (NWA) helping to keep order. To Angel’s frustration, the local police service is lazy and complacent. He meets police officer Danny Butterman, the son of town chief Inspector Frank Butterman. Danny is assigned as Angel’s new partner, and constantly discusses his love for action and buddy cop films.

Angel and Danny attend a rendition of Romeo and Juliet, with its leading roles played by Martin Blower and Eve Draper, a disliked duo in a thinly-veiled extramarital affair. Backstage after the performance, Blower and Draper are murdered by a cloaked figure. The next morning, they are found decapitated along a roadside in Blower’s convertible. Angel suspects foul play, but everyone else passes it off as an accident. Angel is called to solve a neighborhood argument, in the process discovering a large stash of unlicensed firearms (as well as a sea mine) in an elderly man’s shed. Angel confiscates the stash in the police department’s evidence room.

Danny invites Angel to a drink at the local bar, where Angel discusses how he can’t stop thinking of work. They meet Simon Skinner, the local supermarket manager, and George Merchant, a wealthy drunkard who made a fortune selling kitchen goods. Danny takes Angel home and the two binge-watch action movies. That same evening, an unseen figure causes a gas explosion that destroys Merchant’s mansion, killing him. The incident is deemed an accident and Angel is ridiculed for believing otherwise.

At the local fair, Tim Messenger, editor and journalist at the Sandford Citizen newspaper, approaches Angel, claiming to have information regarding Merchant, and requests to meet him alone besides the village church. Another unseen robed person topples a severed church spire onto Messenger’s head, killing him. Angel declares the incident to be a murder and Inspector Butterman believes him. Angel reads through the copies of the Sandford Citizen and discovers a link between the victims.

Angel stops at the flower shop of Leslie Tiller, and learns that she intends to sell her shop and move to the city. As he is distracted, Tiller is murdered by a cloaked figure. Angel gives chase but fails to catch the murderer. Piecing together what he knows, he accuses Skinner of the murders. However, Skinner’s alibi is backed up by video footage. Angel considers the possibility of more than one killer being involved, but Inspector Butterman shoots down his idea.

As Angel returns home, he is attacked by Michael Armstrong, one of Skinner’s supermarket employees. Angel subdues Armstrong, then follows clues that leads him to a secret NWA meeting. Angel confronts the NWA and tries to arrest them. The group confesses to the murders, and explain their motive to remove less-than-model residents threatening Sandford’s chances of winning “Village of the Year” again. After Inspector Butterman reveals himself as the ringleader, Angel flees and discovers the bodies of many victims, some recent and young. As the NWA corners Angel, Danny appears, and fakes Angel’s murder. Danny begs him to leave the village for his own safety.

At a petrol station, Angel is inspired by the movies he watched with Danny, and returns to Sandford. He arms himself with the confiscated guns and reunites with Danny. A series of shootouts ensue between the two officers and various NWA members. After most of the group is dispatched, the two rally their colleagues and besiege the supermarket, forcing Skinner to flee with Inspector Butterman. After a car chase that finishes in a model village of Sandford itself, Skinner and the Inspector are arrested.

Angel’s former superiors beg him to return to London, as the crime rate has risen heavily in his absence, but Angel remains in Sandford. As the police officers process the paperwork, Tom Weaver, the last NWA member, who works in the station attempts to kill Angel. Danny takes a bullet for Angel, and in the process Weaver accidentally activates the confiscated sea mine, which destroys the station but kills no one. One year later, Angel and Danny are in charge of the Sandford Police as Inspector and Sergeant, respectively.


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    • Movie Name    :         Hot Fuzz (2007)
    • Movie Size       :        816 MB
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    • Movie Type      :        Comedy

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Hot Fuzz Full movie 1080p HD Free Download Hot Fuzz Full movie 720p HD Free Download  Hot Fuzz Full movie 720p HD Free Download

Hot Fuzz Full movie 720p HD Free Download

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