Malena Full Movie Download 2000 HD 720p BluRay

Malena Full Movie Download 2000 HD 720p BluRay

Movie Info

Full Name: Malena 2000
Size: 1.95 GB
Quality: 720p BluRay
Genres:  Drama, Romance, War
Release Date: 2 February 2001
Language: English
Cast:  Monica Bellucci, Giuseppe Sulfaro, Luciano Federico

In 1941, Renato was thirteen years recent and though the globe was at war, nothing ever happened during this asleep village in Sicily. till the day he discovered one thing that may modification his life forever.Malna, the attractive young girl United Nations agency was the obsession of each man and therefore the envy of each woman. thanks to her, Renato can come back to find out to be told all of life’s lessons and find himself in places he ne’er may have unreal.




The film begins in 1940 in an exceedingly very little Sicilian city on the day 12-year-old Renato experiences 3 major events: European nation enters war II; he gets a replacement bike; and he initial sees the attractive adult female called Malèna. Her husband is within the forces in continent, fighting a people, and he or she lives alone in their house on the outskirts. thanks to her appearance and her solitary state, she is AN object of lust for all the town’s males and of hate for its females. She keeps a watch on her infirm recent father United Nations agency lives alone within the city, till he gets AN anonymous note slandering her, upon that he rejects her.

Renato becomes addicted to Malèna, spying on her in her house and stalking her once she leaves it. To fuel his titillating fantasies, he steals a number of her underclothing from her garments line. once his oldsters notice it in his sleeping room, they are going wild and take a look at to interrupt his fixation.Malèna gets the news that her husband is killed, adding grief to her isolation. Rumours grow round her, that she foolishly helps by permitting AN widowed air force officer to go to her when dark. once she is denounced and placed on trial, the officer sends testimony that he was nothing quite AN occasional friend. The betrayal hurts, however Malèna says nothing to condemn him. when her final judgment, her advocate calls spherical and rapes her.

Malena Full Movie Download 2000 HD 720p BluRay

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