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In 1662, the Kingdom of France faces bankruptcy from King Louis XIV’s wars against the Dutch, which has left the country’s agriculture impeded by a heavy tax burden and forced the citizens to live on rotten food. Though the country appears to be on the verge of a revolution, Louis continues to spend his time preparing the war and seducing countless women. The three musketeers have gone their separate ways; Aramis is now an aging priest, Porthos has become a womanizing drunkard, and Athos is retired and living with his only son, Raoul, who aspires to join the musketeers. The only one who has remained in the musketeers is D’Artagnan, who now serves as the captain.

At a festival, Louis sets his eyes on Christine Bellefort, Raoul’s fiancé, and immediately plots to get rid of Raoul by sending him to the battlefront; he is killed by cannon fire. Aware that Louis orchestrated his son’s death, Athos renounces his allegiance to the king and goes into exile. After an assassination attempt on Louis by the Jesuit order is foiled by D’Artagnan, Louis instructs Aramis to hunt down and kill their leader. In response, Aramis summons Porthos, Athos and D’Artagnan for a secret meeting in which he reveals that he himself is the Jesuits’ leader and has a plan to depose Louis. Athos and Porthos agree, but D’Artagnan refuses. Athos brands him a traitor and threatens him with death should they ever meet again. Meanwhile, Louis seduces Christine, but she continues to suspect his part in Raoul’s death.

The musketeers enter the Bastille prison and free an unnamed prisoner in an iron mask, taking him to the countryside, where Aramis reveals that he is Philippe, Louis’s identical twin brother. Aramis reveals that the night Louis was born, his mother, Queen Anne, actually gave birth to twins. Louis XIII, hoping to avoid dynastic warfare between his sons, sent Philippe away to live in the countryside while naming Louis XIV as his heir. After Louis XIII died, Anne revealed Philippe’s existence to Louis XIV, who was too superstitious to have his brother killed but had him imprisoned in the iron mask to keep his identity secret, something Aramis carried out. Aramis’s plan is now to redeem himself and save France by replacing Louis with Philippe. The musketeers begin training Philippe to act and behave like Louis, while Athos develops fatherly feelings for him.

At a masquerade ball, the musketeers lure Louis to his quarters and subdue him, dressing Philippe in his clothes while taking Louis to the dungeons. D’Artagnan, however, sees through the ruse, after Christine accuses Philippe with evidence of Louis’s role in Raoul’s death and is not punished. He forcibly escorts Philippe to the dungeons and they confront the musketeers before they can take Louis to the Bastille. They trade twins, but Philippe is captured before the musketeers escape. Though Louis is prepared to kill Philippe, D’Artagnan begs him not to. Philippe bluffs that he is more afraid of the prison than death itself, which convinces Louis to return Philippe to the Bastille. Christine commits suicide out of grief.

D’Artagnan contacts the musketeers for help in rescuing Philippe from the Bastille. Louis, who suspected an attempt, ambushes them at the prison. Though he offers D’Artagnan clemency in exchange for surrender, D’Artagnan refuses, privately revealing to his friends that Louis and Philippe are actually his bastard sons from an affair with the Queen, the true reason for his loyalty to Louis. They charge one final time at Louis and his men and are fired upon; their bravery compels the soldiers to close their eyes before firing and all miss. Louis attempts to stab Philippe but wounds D’Artagnan fatally and he dies in his friends’ arms. Philippe almost strangles Louis to death but is convinced to show his brother mercy. D’Artagnan’s top lieutenant, Andre, angered by his mentor’s death, swears his men to secrecy and sides with Philippe. They switch the twins’ places again and Philippe orders Louis locked away, naming Athos, Porthos and Aramis as his closest advisors.

A small funeral is held for D’Artagnan and Philippe admits to Athos that he has come to love him like a father, which Athos reciprocates. He issues Louis a royal pardon and sends him to live peacefully in the countryside, and goes on to become one of France’s greatest kings.

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The Man in the Iron Mask Movie 720p HD Download

The Man in the Iron Mask 1997 movie 720p HD free download

The Man in the Iron Mask Movie 720p HD Download

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