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Full Name: Out Of The Dark 2014
Size: 750 MB
Quality: HD DVDRip
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Release Date: 10 April 2015
Language: English
Cast: Julia Stiles, Scott Speedman, Stephen Rea

Out of the Dark (Spanish: Aguas rojas) could be a 2014 English-language supernatural heroic tale film major Julia Stiles and Scott Speedman. The freelance Spanish-Colombian co-production is directed by Lluís Quílez supported a book by Alex Pastor, David Pastor, and Javier Gullón. picture taking happened in Republic of Colombia between Gregorian calendar month 2013 and Gregorian calendar month 2013, once that it entered post-production.


The film premiered at Germany’s Fantasy Filmfest on August twenty seven, 2014.In 1992, Dr Contreras Sr. prepares to abandon a finca in city, Colombia. He tries to burn variety of files, stashing them within the lift once he hears noises round the house. On the second floor, he’s hunted person by what seems to be a gaggle of kids, falling to his death once he’s pushed from the balcony.Twenty years later, Sara and Paul move from the united kingdom to city with their female offspring, Hannah. Sara is to be the new manager at a manufactory that her father Jordan owns. They get into the finca, that is owned by the corporate. the tiny family love the finca, although Hannah is frightened by the open lift within the wall of her space.after their arrival, Sara and Paul attend a dinner on the start of the Los Niños Santos competition, effort Hannah within the care of her nanny, Catalina. Strange occurrences begin to occur round the finca, and a sleeping Hannah is woken by the door of the lift snapping open. Seeing her favorite stuffed to.

Hannah climbs into the lift to retrieve it, turning into unfree.Arriving home, Sara and Paul discover Hannah, unwell and developing a rash. Catalina uncomfortably mentions that she believes there was a ghost within the house and is pink-slipped by Paul. Over the subsequent day, Hannah ails, her rash worsening, and also the couple comply with take Hannah back to the united kingdom for correct medical aid.That night, as a storm brews, youngsters UN agency wear stained and dirty bandages seem and snatch Hannah, taking her away through the jungle. The police area unit sceptical of Sara and Paul’s account, and a pissed off Paul searches for Catalina, desperate for answers.Catalina takes Paul to the church wherever he sees one in all the kids, following the boy back to a shanty house wherever he finds the oldsters of a boy UN agency nonexistent cryptically twenty years agone. before his disappearance, the kid exhibited a similar symptoms as Hannah.

Out Of The Dark Full Movie Download 2014 HD 720P Torrent

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