Perfect Number Full Movie Download 2012 HD 720P Torrent

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Full Name: Perfect Number 2012
Size: 906 MB
Quality: HDTS
Genres:Drama, Thriller 
Release Date: 18 October 2012
Cast: Seung-bum Ryoo, Yo-won Lee, Jin-woong Jo

Perfect wide variety (hangul: 용의자x; rr: yonguija x; lit. suspect x) is a 2012 south korean thriller-drama movie directed by bang eun-jin.[2] adapted from keigo higashino’s novel the devotion of suspect x, it facilities round a mild-mannered arithmetic trainer (ryoo seung-bum) who plans the best alibi for the lady he secretly loves (lee yo-won) when she suddenly murders her abusive ex-husband.cho jin-woong received a first-class supporting actor nomination at the forty ninth baeksang arts awards in 2013.


kimSeok-cross showed numerous promise as a fantastic mathematician when he was in college, resolutely focused on his research in preference to on pals throughout his childhood. now in his 30s, he’s an normal high college math teacher, a miles cry from the promising future of his teenagers. seok-pass is solemn and introverted, and his morning exchanges with baek hwa-solar, the cafe employee he buys lunch from, is the brightest a part of his day. when hwa-sun’s ex-husband mercilessly beats hwa-solar and her niece,Hwa-solar kills him. seok-cross overhears the fight from his residence round the corner and decides to cowl up the killing and guard her from the police. he uses his genius in meticulously planning the correct alibi for her, and thanks to his efforts, hwa-sun is cleared within the case. but, the detective in charge, jo min-beom, believes that hwa-sun is responsible and follows his instinct notwithstanding the lack of proof. min-beom additionally takes place to have gone to the same excessive college as seok-move, and while he finds outThat his antique college buddy lives next door to the high suspect, he starts offevolved digging deeper into seok-cross’s existence.

Perfect Number Full Movie Download 2012 HD 720P Torrent

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