The Thieves Full Movie Download 2012 HD 720P Torrent

The Thieves Full Movie Download 2012 HD 720P TorrentMovie Info:

Full Name: The Thieves 2012
Size: 906 MB
Quality: HDTS
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
Release Date: 25 July 2012 (South Korea)
Cast: Yun-seok Kim, Jung-jae Lee, Hye-su Kim

The thieves (hangul: 도둑들; rr: dodukdeul; mr: todukdŭl) is a 2012 south korean heist movie directed through choi dong-hoon with an ensemble cast.with over 12.9 million price ticket income, the motion comedy is presently the 5th maximum-grossing movie in korean movie history.a cat burglar named yenicall (jun ji-hyun) seduces the owner of leesung gallery (shin ha-kyun), and steals a rare artifact with the help of three other criminals: popeye (lee jung-jae), the leader, zampano (kim soo-hyun), the assistant.


They are visited via a detective (ju jin-mo) quickly after, and comprehend that staying in korea is too risky. they decide to sign up for a heist led by way of a grasp thief named macau park (kim yoon-seok), a korean based in macau who is also popeye’s former boss. popeye brings along pepsi (kim hye-soo), a convicted safe-cracker who become currently released on parole. in hong kong, chen (simon yam), jonny (derek tsang) and andrew (oh dal-su) areContacted by using macau park and agree to sign up because the chinese language part of the team, at the side of a safe-cracker named julie (angelica lee).macau park reveals the target to be the tear of the solar, a treasured diamond in the ownership of tiffany (yeh soo-jung), the mistress of a powerful crime lord named wei hong (ki gook-search engine optimization). the plan is to scouse borrow the diamond at the same time as tiffany is touring a on line casino in macau, and to sell it returned to wei hong, a risky project due to the fact wei hong is known for murdering whoeverOffends him.

Every group has the same opinion, but, when they research that the diamond is worth usd 20 turns out that julie is absolutely an undercover police officer hoping to arrest wei hong. moreover, both the chinese language and korean groups are mistrustful of macau park. chen, johnny, and andrew plan to ignore the diamond and run off with tiffany’s money, at the same time as popeye and pepsi have bought a fake diamond to swap with the real one. a flash-again famous that macau park, popeye, and pepsi had been previously aGroup, however park’s cable snapped throughout an get away as he turned into rappeling and he ran off with the gold. pepsi, worried for his protection, inadvertently uncovered herself to a protection digicam, leading to her conviction.

The Thieves Full Movie Download 2012 HD 720P Torrent

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