Tunnel Full Movie Download 2016 HD 720P Torrent.

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Full Name: Tunnel 2016
Size: 906 MB
Quality: HD DVDRip
Genres:  ActionAdventureDrama
Release Date:  26 August 2016 (USA)
Language: English
Cast:  Jung-woo HaDoona BaeDal-su Oh

The Tunnel (Hangul: 터널) may be a 2016 South Korean survival drama film written and directed by Kim Seong-hun, major angular distance Jung-woo within the lead role. The film revolves around a automobile salesperson United Nations agency gets treed once a poorly made tunnel collapses, and deals together with his survival within the tunnel with the recommendation of the rescue team head. it had been discharged in Asian nation on ten August 2016.


Lee Jung-soo (Ha Jung-woo) drives home for his daughter’s birthday. whereas driving through a tunnel that goes through a mountain, the tunnel collapses. once Lee Jung-Soo regains consciousness, he finds himself treed within his automobile. The automobile itself is buried below loads of concrete and rubbish. All he has within the automobile ar his cellular phone, 2 bottles of water and his daughter’s cake. He forms a sort of special bond with the pinnacle of the rescue team, Dae-kyung, United Nations agency teaches him a way to survive within the tunnel.A MAN’S DESPERATE STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE Jung-su, a normal dealer, is on his approach home with a cake for his female offspring. As he drives into a tunnel a fantastic factor happens; the tunnel collapses on him. Minutes later, he realizes that he’s fully caught in between the rubbish. Outside, this breaking news creates media craze.

“Tunnel” involves America from writer-director Seong-hun Kim, United Nations agency is probably going not alright known within the u. s., although some fans of Korean cinema could have seen his previous film, “A arduous Day” (2014). The star of “Tunnel” is Jung-woo HA, United Nations agency you’ll presumably acknowledge from “The Handmaiden” (2016), that is being heavily promoted by Amazon. (Perhaps the PR people behind “Tunnel” will build off of this?)This is one amongst those films that works well as a result of it depends on a really easy plot with a high quantity of tension. we’ve concerning the littlest stage potential (the inside a car), although it will move different areas from time to time. (Would it work higher if it simply stayed within the car? perhaps.) Others have aforementioned the film runs to a small degree too long, and that i ought to agree. though you’ll be able to usually build a “slow burn” select 2 hours or additional, this one might not hold the stress additionally because it might. i do not understand. Opinions can vary.

Tunnel Full Movie Download 2016 HD 720P Torrent

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